Paco’s Got Balls #80 w/ Scott Reardon - “The Case of the Anonymous Beads: A Paco and Balls Mystery”

The gang humbly welcomes 98 Rock’s Scott Reardon to the studio to pregame for the hot seat! Meanwhile a mystery is afoot when Eric receives an alluring gift in the mail from an unknown sender, and Stefan vows to crack the case. Along the way, we discuss role-playing, kinky urban legends of the Renaissance Fair, violent bathroom encounters, discarded companions, and some recent sports news about dem ‘Os! Get ready for a treat, folks.


Scott Reardon, 98 Rock, Anal Beads, Mystery, Renaissance Fair, Kink, Fight, Bathroom, Sex Doll, Buck Showalter, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, MetLife Stadium, Justin, Scott, and Spiegel 


The Secret Sexual World of America's Renaissance Faires|Vocativ

Ohio police: ‘Body’ in bag turns out to be discarded sex doll|Fox8 Cleveland

Buck Showalter, Dan Duquette out after Orioles' worst season in team history|Baltimore Sun