Paco’s Got Balls #88 Featuring Mike Anderson w/ Kelly O’Donnell Ware - “With Overhang”

With Wendi MIA, Paco and Balls welcome back 98 Rock’s Mike Anderson to co-host. And when our guest calls out, the ravishing Kelly O'Donnell Ware pops by to chat with the gang about Kelly’s Dream fundraisers, her brand new website, and their upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day parade float! The celebration continues when Balls reveals the status of his foreskin restoration. And finally, Paco slips on the ole’ deerstalker cap when the mystery mailer strikes yet again!


Tags: Mike Anderson, 98 Rock, Kelly O'Donnell Ware, Kelly’s Dream, Deep Eddies, Wetzels Pretzels, Mystery Mailer, Ball Gag, Kink, Friends, Sylvester Stallone, Chyna, Sigourney Weaver, Laura Bass, Sun Screen Safety, The Anderson Agenda, Foreskin Restoration, overhang


Kelly's Dream was able to raise over $15,000 from their recent golf tournament fundraiser! Check out Kelly's Dream website: 


Check out the show Mike Anderson produces, 98Rock's Justin Scott and Spiegel, weekday mornings 5am to 10am. 

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