Paco’s Got Balls feat Wendi #46 w/ Matt Davis - “All about the Motor-boating!”

Live from Celtic Hope Pub; Hot Topics; “The Big Game”; Theresa McBride; Tide pods and hot sauce; Jimmy! Use the code “Comedy” at Nectar Sunglasses; Use the Amazon link at Big Timing Comedy!


We got a new comment on our podbean account!! 

joeytodd1234 commented this:
Butt Plug
Thanks Joey Eff Machine Todd for the comment big fella!
If that doesnt make sense, just go back and listen to that episode #43 and you'll be 'In The Know"! 

Guest: Matt Davis of Baltimore's 98 Rock, MD Lottery Drawings, and his Hypnotism Shows

Hunter critically injured from a falling goose. Eric/Balls was NOT the hunter in this incident

Random news
Fart Pill - See Images in the Gallery

Quick thinking wife blows gunman to save families life! Finally gonna put this one to rest.

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