Comedy Night Winter/Spring Series Part 2 April Fool's @ Roadie Joe's

Part 2 of 3 Winter/Spring 2018 Comedy Night Series! Enjoy a romantic date night out with your beau and some laughs with good old fashion comedy, beer, and food! So come out and support eastern shore local business Eric Jolicoeur and Baltimore native Stefan Subotich of BigTimingComedy and Roadie Joe's team up for a fun night in down town Salisbury Maryland!

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03/31/2018 @ 7:30


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Roadie Joe's


Mickey Cucchiella is known for his cutting edge jokes as much as his opinionated rants. Cucchiella's shows are always different as he is completely stream of conscious and even he doesn't know what will come out of his mouth. Always current and always opinionated. His shows never leave an audience disappointed. Mickey also spent 8+ years as the #1 rated morning show on Baltimore's 98Rock. 

Facebook: @mickeycomedy


Kandyce has performed at such famous venues as Greenwich VIllage Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, Magooby's Jokehouse, The Improv and The Comedy Factory as opening act for headliners like Guy Torry, Marc Normand and Bobcat Goldthwait just to name a few. Her observational humor and her highly animated stage presence make her a joy to watch



Regular at Magooby's Jokehouse, appeared on Sirius XM's Opie and Anthony Show.


A humble boy from humble beginnings. Stefan Subotich is a Baltimore Native born in Parkville, MD, otherwise known as the Motherland/ Land of Milk and Honey. He studied locally at Calvert Hall High School, before moving on to the renowned West Virginia University. It was at West Virginia that his education truly blossomed. He met many Rednecks, alcoholics, and generally obese people that loved his trademark wit and charm. He was strongly encouraged there to pursue a career in comedy. His travels later brought him home to the Motherland, where he landed a job as a Bartender at a local watering hole, Souris Saloon. There, he met many yuppies, alcoholics, and generally thin people that loved his trademark wit and charm. He was again strongly encouraged to pursue a career in Comedy. It was at this juncture that he came across Eric Jolicoeur and expressed his strong desire to Eric that he desired a career in comedy and entertainment. The two formed the powerhouse comedy super label BigTimingComedy, and the rest my history. Stefan enjoys all things Baltimore sports and a nice strong beverage. He excels at all delicious and wicked. So, please, drop him a line on the twitter @bigtimingcomedy, or come out and support his unique brand of highly offensive comedy. I promise, even if you dont laugh (which you will), youll be entertained.

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